Meet Blue and Goldie

Meet Blue and Goldie

These Two Are A Great Team And Can't Wait To Help You Soar!

Have you seen these two birds flying around campus? You might have spotted them in Carrington College’s TV commercials or on billboards. Meet Blue and Goldie! They love being part of the Carrington College flock and wanted to give you the chance to get to know them a little better.

Blue Portrait


Blue joined the Carrington College family in 2012. He’s super smart and loves helping students succeed. He’d give you the feather off his back…and have fun doing it!

Blue is a team player. “Birds of a feather flock together,” is his motto. He loves learning new things and can’t wait to share what he’s discovered with you!

He’s also a quirky kinda guy. Blue has a great sense of humor and loves jokes. He’s really optimistic, but isn’t a big fan of change. That’s why he and Goldie get along so well!

When Blue isn’t flying by campuses and meeting with students, he enjoys long walks on the beach and finding stuff to build his nest. He also loves to travel. My favorite places have big, tall trees I can land in and watch the world around me.

Goldie Portrait


Goldie came to Carrington College in 2012. She’s a motivator and a thinker. Goldie is happy to help, but loves encouraging you to figure things out on your own.

Goldie can be a little flighty, but hey, she’s a bird…what do you expect! Her motto is, you never know until you fly.

She knows it takes hard work to get where you want to be, and she never gives up. Her attitude inspires her partner in crime, Blue.

Goldie has the most fun when she’s spending time with Blue. She loves meeting new people and learning new things, which is why she has so much fun visiting Carrington College’s campuses! She knows how important it is to follow your dreams. You can be the person you dream of being.